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cmd368体育-Apples chief executive Tim Cook has been ordered by the firm to use only private jets for both business and personal transport.苹果公司首席执行官蒂姆·库克早已被该公司被责令在商务和个人上下班时必需用于私人飞机。In documents filed with the US markets regulator, Apple said the policy was in the interests of security and efficiency.在递交给美国市场监管机构的文件中,苹果公司回应,该政策是“为了安全性和效率”的利益。Apple reported that Mr Cooks personal travel expenses came to $93,109 in 2017.苹果称之为,2017年,库克先生的个人差旅费用超过了93109美元。


His personal security expenses came to $224,216, thecmd368体育 tech giant added.该科技巨头还回应,他的个人安全性费用超过了224216美元。In 2017, the chief executives salary was just over $3m. He also received $9.3m in bonuses, plus $89m of shares that were promised to him if he met certain targets.在2017年,这位首席执行官的薪酬多达了300万美元。此外,他还取得了930万美元的奖金,另加如果他构建了某些目标,他将获得允诺的价值8900万美元的股票。

Apples market capitalisation rose to $868bn in November, making it the worlds most valuable publicly-traded company.去年11月,苹果的市值减至8680亿美元,沦为全球市值最低的上市公司。The tech giant has suffered controversy recently. On 21 December, Apple was forced to admit that it had been deliberately slowing down ageing iPhones to help manage performance issues caused by their batteries wearing out.这家科技巨头最近备受争议。去年12月21日,苹果不得不否认,仍然在蓄意使得之前所有的苹果手机运营减慢,以协助管理因电池消耗而造成的性能问题。



The firm is being sued in eight separate cases in the US over the matter, as well as facing legal action in Israel and France.该公司在美国的8个独立国家案件中被控告,并在以色列和法国面对法律诉讼。:cmd368体育。