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【cmd368体育】A new gadget has been developed that tricks pets into looking at your smartphone camera to help you take the perfect snap of your fidgeting four-legged friends.一家公司新的研发的小工具可以诱使你的宠物看著手机镜头,这样你就能给这些四条腿的调皮小家伙拍电影出有极致照片了。The flexible device clips to the top of your smartphone and dangles a pets favorite treat just above its camera to direct the animals attention toward the lens.这种垫在手机上部的可倾斜装置可以将宠物讨厌的食物挂在镜头上方,从而将它们的注意力更有到镜头上。Once a picture has been taken, the treat can be removed from the gadgets spring-loaded clamp and offered as a reward.照片拍完后,可从装置的弹簧垫上拆下食物给宠物作为奖励。


HOW DOES IT WORK?如何用于装置?The flexible device snaps to the top of your smartphone or tablet.将这款可倾斜装置垫在手机或平板电脑的上部。A treat or toy can then be grasped using a spring-loaded clamp.然后用弹簧夹把手食物或玩具。

The treat dangles just above the devices camera, out of shot of the lens.食物就挂在镜头的上方,方位在镜头摄制范围之外。This makes pets stare at the camera without turning around or running away.这样就可以让宠物盯着镜头而会四处内乱看或跑开。The 9.50 device, dubbed FlexyPaw, fits most smartphones and tablets, and can grasp treats up to half an inch (1.3 centimeters) thick.这款被称作Flexy Paw的工具售价为9.5镑(约合人民币84元),限于于大多数手机和平板电脑,可以把手半英寸(1.3厘米)薄的食物。


Paw Champs, the company behind the gadget, has a Kickstartercrowdfunding campaign aiming to raise 30,000 for the Flexy Paw device.发明者此Flexy Paw工具的公司Paw Champs正在众筹网站Kickstarter上发动众筹,目标是筹措30000镑(约合人民币266262元)的资金。More than 350 backers have pledged 6,500 as of Jun 26.截至6月26日,有数多达350位支持者共计允诺缴纳6500镑(约合人民币57690元)。

We all struggle to grab our pets attention and were always looking for that PAWfect Photo to share on our social media page, Paw Champs, based in Los Angeles, California, writes on its Kickstarter page.Paw Champs公司坐落于加利福尼亚洛杉矶,该公司在其Kickstarter网站主页上写到:“我们很难将宠物的注意力更有过来,我们总是在想要办法拍电影出有极致的宠物照片,共享在社交媒体账号上。”With the FlexyPaw, you can snap those pictures easily.“有了Flexy Paw,您可以精彩拍电影出有想的照片。”Your Pets will always stare at their favorite treat and its the perfect training tool without them even knowing!“您的宠物将目不转睛地盯着青睐的食物,这能让它们不知不觉中获得很好的训练。

”Paw Champs must reach its 30,000 funding goal by August 4 , with the gadgets shipping some time in November.Flexy Paw将在11月发货,因此Paw Champs公司必需在8月4日前构建30000镑的筹款目标。The company is donating a percentage of its profits to 4Life Animal Rescue, a charity that aims to care for unwanted and neglected animals.公司不会将其利润的1%捐献“4Life Animal Rescue”,这是一个关怀被遗弃动物的慈善的组织。:cmd368体育。