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cmd368体育|美国宣布对ISIS发动网络战 首次公开动用网络武器

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The US government has announced that it is launching a cyber warfare campaign against the Islamic State (IS). This is the first instance of the US publicly using cyber attacks as a tool in warfare.美国政府近日宣告,,将对伊斯兰国的组织(IS)发动网络战。这是美国首次公开发表将网络攻击作为一种登陆作战手段。I have given Cyber Command really its first wartime assignment, said Ashton Carter, the US defence secretary, speaking to the US Senate. Even a few years ago, it would not have occurred to a Secretary of Defence to say, lets get cyber in the game, but here we have real opportunities.美国国防部长阿什顿·卡特对美国参议院说道:“我早已给网络司令部布置了第一项确实的登陆作战任务。


即使是几年前,一个国防部长也会说道让网络参予战局。但是现在早已不具备贯彻的可能性。”The US will use its arsenal of digital tools to weaken ISs online communications network, and its access to money and trade. Carter said the cyber tactics would look to disrupt their ability to command their forces, interrupting their ability to plot, and hamper their finances, their ability to pay people.美国将用于其数字化工具“武器库”巩固IS的在线通信网络并毁坏该的组织提供资金、展开贸易的渠道。卡特回应,网络攻击手段将侧重妨碍他们指挥官武装力量的能力,阻碍他们策划阴谋的能力,巩固他们的财力以及雇佣士兵的能力。


Isils cyber capabilities have been well documented. It released a security manual that revealed part of its cyber strategy in the week after the Paris attacks.“伊斯兰国”的组织的网络能力早已有详实的资料佐证。巴黎攻击事件再次发生后的那周内,该的组织公布了一份安全性手册,泄漏了部分网络战术。Advice included using the Tor browser and secure email. It also places great emphasis on communicating through social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and messaging apps, such as Telegram and WhatsApp. It even launched a help desk on encrypted messaging app Telegram.所获取的建议还包括用于洋葱浏览器与可信的电子邮箱。该的组织特别是在特别强调通过社交媒体与潜在的支持者交流,还包括脸书和推特以及Telegram和WhatsApp软件。

“伊斯兰国”的组织甚至在加密即时通讯应用软件Telegram上创建一个“协助桌面”。Public companies, including Facebook and Telegram have joined the cyber fight against Isil. Facebook, for instance, receives more than a million reports every day about objectionable content, ranging from nudity to terrorism, on the site.报导称之为,还包括脸书和Telegram在内,一些公司早已重新加入这场对“伊斯兰国”的组织的网络战。例如,脸书网站每天接到逾百万份有关违禁内容的报告,内容从色情到恐怖主义。Monika Bickert, who oversees the team that polices content on Facebook, including terrorism-related activity, told the Telegraph: One thing we’ve heard time and time again from academics is if you want to find terrorists online or those supporting terrorist ideologies, the best thing is to find their friends. So when we become aware of an account supporting terrorism, we look at associated accounts so we can remove them immediately.脸书内容管理团队的主管莫妮卡·比克特对记者说道:“我们不时从学者那里听见的一点是,要想要找到网络上的恐怖分子或者反对恐怖主义思想的人,最差的办法就是寻找他们的朋友。