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cmd368体育|For commuters in a hurry it can be hugely frustrating to find yourself queuing to get to the platform exit or to change lines after getting off a packed train.对于行色匆匆的通勤者来说,在站台出口排队、从挤迫的车厢等候后还要排长队换乘无非让人失望鼓起。To ease these woes, public transport app Citymapper has released a new feature that offers advice on which part of the train to get on to shave time off your journey. The Boarding Strategy feature advises users whether they are better to get on the front, middle or back of their train in preparation for the next leg of their journey.为了解决问题这些问题,公共交通应用于Citymapper公布了一项新功能,可以让用户告诉从哪节车厢上车较为省时。


用户打算换乘时,该应用于的“乘车进击”功能不会辨别到底从车头、车尾还是中间车厢上车较为适合,给用户获取建议。The new feature could also make journeys easier for visitors in unfamiliar cities by helping them make transfers between trains quickly and efficiently.对于人生地不熟的游客而言,这款应用于的新功能可以协助他们较慢高效换乘,从而使旅途更加精彩。

According to a post on Citymappers blog: In peak hours this will knock minutes off your journey time. We have collected this data as much as weve been able to in all our cities.根据Citymapper公布的一篇博文:“乘车高峰时期,这项功能可以延长行程时间。我们在我们获取服务的城市中收集了尽量多的数据。


”The service works when a user searches for a journey and also when using the Citymapper Go mode. A logo appears in the journey advice menu, suggesting which part of the train is best to get on. It also gives Citymapper a new edge when facing competition from search giant Google and Apple Maps.当用户搜寻行程或者用于手机应用于的“抵达”模式时,都可以用于这项功能。行程建议页面不会经常出现一个标志,表明最差从车厢哪一部分上车。


面临搜寻巨头谷歌和苹果地图的竞争,这项功能让该应用于有了新的优势。However, some users have pointed out that it may lead to already packed carriages becoming even fuller if they are close to exits at popular stations. Plus, the app has still to provide advice that many commuters will be wanting, namely which carriage to get on to increase the chances of getting a seat.但是,一些用户认为,在客流量较小的车站,附近站台出口的车厢本来人就多,这项功能终究不会添乱,原本挤迫的车厢不会更加挤迫。此外,这款应用于还将研发“标记进击”,即告诉他用户那节车厢有可能有空方位,对通勤者来说,于是以通此意。Citymapper is available in 29 cities providing journey advice on trains, trams, buses, underground services and metro lines.应用于Citymapper可以在29个城市用于,就火车、电车、公交、地铁服务以及地铁路线获取建议。