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cmd368体育|US authorities are appealing against a judges decision not to order Apple to unlock an iPhone in a drugs case. It has gone to a higher court after a Brooklyn judge said he had no power to give the order.近日,美国当局政府对当值法官就一起毒品案没命令苹果公司关卡iPhone的判决回应出有反感赞成。在布鲁克林的法官回应其无权给与强迫命令之后,该案件早已转至了上一级法院。Apple said the order would be the start of a slippery slope that threatens everyones safety and privacy.而苹果公司方面回应,该项命令将不会是一段“威胁所有人安全性和隐私的滑坡的开始”。

In the original hearing, the US government asked Judge James Orenstein to order Apple to open up a locked phone belonging to Jun Feng, who has pleaded guilty to participation in a methamphetamine distribution conspiracy. The Justice Department wants to use the device to find any of his co-conspirators.在最初的听证会上,美国政府拒绝法官詹姆斯·奥伦斯坦命令苹果公司关卡冯军的手机,冯军已在谋划分销甲基苯丙胺(又称冰毒)一案中无罪。司法部期望利用该设备寻找他的同谋。

While the case has similarities with that being heard in California in relation to the San Bernardino shootings, the New York case involves an older version of Apples operating system. Fengs phone uses iOS 7, which is not protected by the same encryption technology.虽然该案件与在加利福利亚州审理的圣伯纳迪诺枪击案有相似之处,但纽约的这个案件牵涉到的是更加原有的苹果操作系统版本。冯军的手机用于的是iOS 7系统,该系统并不由完全相同的加密技术所维护。


Apple has the technological capability to bypass the passcode feature and access the contents of the phone that were unencrypted, the Justice Department said in its court filing, submitted on Monday. It has asked District Court Judge Margot Brodie to hear the case.“苹果公司有技术能力跨过密码功能并采访并未加密的手机,”美国司法部在周一递交的法院文件中说道。司法部已拒绝联邦地方法官马戈·布罗迪审理该案件。The Justice Departments lawyers called the request routine, arguing that the case was neither about asking Apple to do anything new, nor to create a master key to access all iPhones.司法部的律师回应,这只是一项常规催促,指出这既不是拒绝苹果公司做到任何新的事情,也不是让其建构一把“万能钥匙”来采访所有的iPhone。

Federal prosecutors cited several examples in which Apple has extracted data from a locked device under the law.联邦检察官援引了几个苹果公司按法律规定从瞄准的设备中萃取数据的例子。Apple argues that it has opposed requests to help extract information from more than a dozen iPhones since being invited to challenge the governments use of the 1789 All Writs Act by Judge Orenstein in October last year.但是苹果公司回应回应驳斥称之为,自从该公司于去年10月份不受奥伦斯坦法官之邀请挑战政府1789年的《cmd368体育所有令状法案》起,早已赞成过协助从十几部iPhone上萃取信息的拒绝。The technology firm said it agreed with Judge Orensteins ruling that granting the request would thoroughly undermine fundamental principles of the constitution.该科技公司称之为其表示同意奥伦斯坦法官的裁决,倘若呈请该催促,将不会“完全毁坏宪法的基本原则”。